Friday, December 14, 2018
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It's is a method of contributing to the building of IT business processes through linking together a number of "business services" into a complete business workflow. Each service is a stand-alone block of business functionality, an application, which is loosely coupled yet highly inter-operable. The potential for stepping towards the Web Enabled Enterprise and a new role the IP director begins with the decision to migrate from existing networks and functionality. The decision revolves around two distinctly different business cases.

It seems as if each week the press reports on problems for which there is no simple solution – whether in relation to government data handling, education, health, climate change or the funding of political parties. Working with, and resolving, these deep systemic issues is our – CPL’s - strength. Our seminars – including Double Loop Learning, Team Dynamics and the Business Transformation Cycle, itself are designed to help you achieve deep change and solve systemic problems.

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