Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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How Methodology


This slide pack was prepared for a presentation given to the Solvency 2 Special Interest Group on the 13th Oct 11, at the Institute of Risk Management. It is designed to give an overview of the significance of culture as an aspect of resolving systemic issues to a good outcome for all parties involved.

The Business Transformation Cycle

Our key methodology is The Business Transformation Cycle which is also known as The Business Learning Cycle. It is a systems approach to achieving results that incorporates our own distinctive approaches to, Analysis of the Business issue, Team Dynamics (including coaching), Personal Development and Culture Change.

Over the last 25 years we have refined, adopted, transformed and changed our own thinking and built where appropriate on the work of leaders in their fields that we have had the good fortune to work with.

The Business Transformation Cycle

The Business Issue

Whatever your business aspires to or the challenge you are facing becomes the issue which drives the design of the change processes for your organisation. Additionally we offer workshops to help you diagnose and understand the core business processes, and their inter-relationship with the issue that you need to address.

Team Dynamics

"The Team Dynamics Day provided me with a deeper understanding of how successful teams work and, more importantly, gave me practical ways to make me a more effective member of the teams within which I work."

Tim Ward
Finance Director FTSE

Our Team Dynamics dimension of the BTC, offers you the opportunity to learn how to transform your contribution to the teams you lead or are part of – so that you and your team achieve your goals in reduced cycle time.

We achieve this through helping you focus and contribute to different parts of the system that forms a team. This includes - coaching another team member, reviewing personal learning in small groups and consulting to, and evolving learning relationships, within the whole team.

Many mature organisations need to transform their performance and results - and accelerate the speed at which they do this. Often the implementation of rational, seemingly realistic goals such as improved customer service, reduced cost and waste, reduced cycle time etc., founder and fail. This is often not because the goals themselves are erroneous, but because the organisation's culture cannot shift itself to the ways of working required to achieve them. These ways of working reside in the dynamics of teams within an organisation, and the behaviour of individuals.

However effective a team has been in achieving results, new challenges require a reassessment and probably a redesign of its ways of working, or the teams 'dynamic'.

For more information please download this article.

Personal Development

We offer Double Loop Learning based approaches to personal development.  We are speaking partners to leaders at board level dealing with strategic or personal dilemmas.  Please call us on +44 (0)1342 870082 for more details.