Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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How Methodology Culture Cycles (Your Economic Engine)

This slide pack was prepared for a presentation given to the Solvency 2 Special Interest Group on the 13th Oct 11, at the Institute of Risk Management. It is designed to give an overview of the significance of culture as an aspect of resolving systemic issues to a good outcome for all parties involved.

As such, this pack describes a simplification of the links between business performance (Your Economic Engine), professional input, managerial process and the impact of your "Culture Cycle". The need for a standard means of describing culture and its implications for business performance is greater than ever.

Our approach, evolved over twenty years of implementation with blue chip clients, is vital if you wish to optimise the effectiveness of your implementation, whether it be S2, or any other initiative that effects business performance.

Culture Cycles give us; A common language, An image, A methodology, To change our culture as we implement new requirements; To improve workflow, Leverage new technology, Build in productivity. For leaders, managers and OD professionals alike, the method we call "Culture Cycle" allows the design of interventions that support sustainable change. At the strategic level it also finds value in modeling scenarios that are , cost, time, feedback and value optimising.