Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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How Scilly - Training Leadership & Team Development

This year we are pleased to offer an additional one day venue to our Fecamp offering. We will be using our safety boat as the venue at East Cowes for the week commencing Monday 2nd August and concluding on the 6th August.

We use the dynamic environment of the sea to examine a number of issues:

  1. Governance - Collision regs and safety issues
  2. Strategy - Navigation, hidden danger, manoeuvring with competitors
  3. Operations - Total process excellence applied to operating systems (based on lean systems thinking)
  4. Team Work - The importance of followership and leadership in emergency situations
  5. Improvement - The key to sustainable competitive advantage based on learning by doing
  6. Facilitation - The key competence in action learning, applying what we have learned to our business issues/opportunities.

We will meet for a one day experience, at East Cowes, lunch will be provided, please call 01342 870082 for prices and to find out which days are available.

For your convenience, if these days do not fit with your diary, please negotiate an appropriate alternative.