Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Theories of Action

Theories of Action

Action Science - Theories of Action

Biologically it does not seem to be efficient to have sets of design rules that apply to every situation we meet. It would be bizarre to contemplate a world in which, ahead of time, we already had, in full detail, knowledge of all the situations we were likely to encounter. From our own research, it seems that we have a few, dominant, strategies or operating rules for how we process data (sensory in origin) together with a few dominant, strategies or operating rules for how we communicate or take action as a result of processing or reasoning. Our twenty plus years of case studies shows that we each have a personal version of these strategies, which we have termed a ?psychodynamic?. In our seminars we surface these personal psychodynamics in order to better understand in which ways do they need re-authoring to reduce type 2 errors. However, since we all operate some variation of the same themes, it is possible to consider some generics, for example, for defensive reasoning they would be:

1. Thinking - Stay rational, preferably on a topic that we are confident and comfortable to advocate upon. Treat ones own assertions and assumptions as facts. Deny the value of other contributions by ignoring or challenging in a way that signals the danger inherent in reply.

2. Feeling - Stay cool, do not under any circumstances surface feelings that might indicate uncertainty or weakness. It is permissible in control-oriented cultures to display irritation.

3. Action - Stay in control, play to win, even at the expense of the people around whose support you may rely on at some future time.

A moment's reflection reveals the paradox, if I play to win, someone has to loose. Hence avid model 1 users, discourage others using the very strategies they believe to be effective for themselves, and also avoid situations where they cannot take refuge behind the privilege of rank and thus become exposed to feeling the very feelings that their psychodynamic is designed to damp out.