Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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About Mike Vernon
Mike Vernon


Mike is recognised as a world leader in strategy formulation and sustainable implementation. He has consulted and facilitated across many sectors of industry and to international clients. Mike is also the creator of the Business Learning Cycle which has been acknowledged as "A genuine contribution to the field of strategy formulation and implementation" Senior Director, Palm.

Strategy Formulation

Mike's approach begins with the evolution of a clear vision. He does this by resolving different interests and perspectives into a coherent supportable vision statement. This requires facilitating the multiple interests and perspectives from managers, owners, entrepreneurs and academics. Within certain industries this also requires working closely with regulators and people interested in the governance aspects of business conduct.


The critical thing for implementation is the transformation of strategy at the level of vision into clear strategic objectives together with an articulation of those business processes which are needed to realise those objectives concretely. Of necessity this means evaluating and facilitating the current values and assumptions of those people who are key to achieving the objectives. This is undertaken by co-creating an appropriate mission statement and critical success factors. As part of this it is absolutely essential to evaluate organisational capability and mission readiness. Only then can a hierarchy of objectives be set so that managers and owners can direct resources by exception.

Strategy Sustainability

Strategy is dynamic and is therefore the continuing work of a cabinet or board. Such a cabinet or board must be clear about both its secular objectives and the principles, philosophy and values that are used to achieve them. Strategy is therefore as much about creating a culture of continuous striving to fully realise the principles, philosophy and values in a culture that is both supportive and challenging to the people that inhabit it as it is about achieving its secular objectives.

Sectors Worked In

Over the last 25 years Mike has transformed and improved organisations in Government, telecommunications, automotive, financial and professional services, insurance, retail, logistics and distribution, voluntary and other sectors.

Academic Influences

1. Strategy Formulation (including vision and policy) - Influences are Professor Chris Argyris (USA) and Dr. Adrian Bekman (Netherlands). 2. Creation Of Strategic Objectives - Influences are Dr. Brian Wilson (UK) and Dr. Peter Checkland (UK). 3. Culture Change and Individual Development - Influences are Professor Gerry Egan (USA), Dr. Eric Miller (UK) and Baroness Susan Greenfield (UK). At various times Mike has worked directly with the above people who have influenced his work.

Recent Projects

1. Consulting to a European venture capital company on the reconstruction of a board charged with running a multi million pound insurance run off business. This involved creating their strategic objectives for the next phase of growth including diversification and exploitation of brand, reputation and skills.
2. Advising and facilitating leaders and managers in a major UK retailer. This is to create strategic objectives which allow the retailer to respond to demographic changes in their target market. This requires not only a clear vision and clear strategic objectives but the critical success factor is transformation of their culture to have a broader appeal to their new target market.
3. The transformation of a large distribution and logistics organisation in response to an explosive growth in demand within their target home shopping market as Internet sales grew exponentially. Through the course of this work the current strategy of the enterprise was called into question and Mike assisted with the formulation of a new vision.
4. Advising and directing the change in culture required to deliver sustainable performance improvement in the second largest employer in the UK.


Mike is regarded as a highly effective facilitator in the field of strategy formulation and implementation. His small but elite client group have valued his distinctive approaches which were designed specifically for each situation and involved, where appropriate, world leaders in the fields of strategy, business and change. The methods that Mike has evolved strongly advocate learning while doing and have the distinct advantage of being cost effective, cycle time aware and proven to work. Mike is also an advocate of the web enabled enterprise as a means of integrating disparate business processes to ensure timely achievement of business goals.