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Consulting People Ltd.

Home of The Business Transformation Cycle including Double Loop Learning, Team Dynamics, Systemic Problem Solving and Culture Cycles.

Consulting PeopleConsulting People are a niche consultancy with great experience in all aspects of Business Transformation. We were founded by Mike Vernon and Gill Avery in 1993 and have an established network of field leading consulting partners with a variety of professional backgrounds.

The Business Transformation CycleOur key methodology is The Business Transformation Cycle which is also known as The Business Learning Cycle. It is a systems approach to achieving results that incorporates our own distinctive approaches to, Analysis of the Business issue, Team Dynamics (including coaching), Personal Development and Culture Change.

St.Agnes - Isles of ScillyFor over 10 years CPL has offered managers and consultants the opportunity to step back from their day to to day world and focus on their business, team and career issues in the magical environment of St Agnes, Isles of Scilly. Contact us for more information about these events.

  • We are highly experienced specialists in Business Transformation.
  • We form learning partnerships with business leaders and create the environment in which they can succeed in directing and implementing sustainable change.
  • Our experience and approaches has evolved through over 25 years of consulting across sector as diverse as financial services, telecommunications, the automotive industry and retail.
  • We work on business challenges in a way that can transform your organisation’s culture and harness your people’s potential.

If you would like to discuss your business need with one of our network please use one of the following contact methods:

+44 (0)1342 870082

info [at]

Mike Vernon

Mike is recognised as a world leader in strategy formulation and sustainable implementation. He has consulted and facilitated across many sectors of industry and to international clients. Mike is also the creator of the Business Learning Cycle which has been acknowledged as "A genuine contribution to the field of strategy formulation and implementation" Senior Director, Palm.

Gill Avery

Gill is co-founder of Consulting People Ltd. and has been a business consultant and leadership coach for 15 years working with senior teams and managers of clients such as, Unipart, Cable and Wireless, Euro Control and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Previously, she was a senior manager within BT, co-responsible for the development of an internal change management consultancy and was first woman on the Training Division Board.

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If you would like to discuss your business need with one of our network please call:

+44 (0)1342 870082

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